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BioVital is an European Technology-based Company; it has been betting for R+D and innovation for more than 20 years. It is the only rest systems manufacturing company in the world that has proved scientifically with thousands of analytics that does not harm the health but helps to improve the people’s quality of life.

Bed is the most important element in a home as we spend a third part of life sleeping. Moreover, the time when we are not asleep is affected by the way we rest and the way we sleep.



The frantic lifestyle, stress and the different artificial electromagnetic fields to which humans are daily exposed, are potential health risk factors. The Biovital rest system isolates people from the electromagnetic contamination, helping the body to defend itself and recover from all the attacks that we don’t see, from the sources of free radicals and the consequences of stress, to be particularly beneficial in helping in certain diseases such as Parkinson or Osteoarthritis. This system works by removing the static electricity of the body, helping to protect the natural production of melatonin during the night. All of this using only 100% natural materials and a fully artisan production process.

The Biovital rest system works in various fields to benefit health:


  • Isolates the body from the electromagnetic pollution and discharges the electromagnetic energy that has been accumulated in the body during the day.
  • Improves the production of melatonin -a natural sleep inducer- which boosts cell regeneration.
  • Delays the natural aging process by both reducing much of the free radicals that cause aging in our body and enhancing the natural antioxidants of the body.
  • Maintains a stable level of humidity, ensuring good oxygenation during the night, preventing sleep on moisture, which can cause osteoarthritis and rheumatism.
  • Improves the body oxygenation. There is a quick improvement in the skin state as a consequence.
  • Increases the responsiveness of the immune system.
  • Reduces anxiety levels. 
  • As a consequence of its convenience, anatomical adaptability and natural materials composition, it increases the quality and quantity of continuous sleep hours, favouring relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Reduces excessive pressure on specific points of the body, which improves blood circulation.
  • Helps to prevent back pain, scoliosis, sciatica and cervical diseases by correcting body posture during rest.

In short, the healthy properties of the BioVital rest system make the place where we rest a daily 8 hours health treatment.

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